Basic Plan

Basic Plan


The Basic Plan is designed for candidates that already posess a complete and up to date voter roll and are primarily interested in identifying Primary Election voters and limited processing and analysis.  The Basic Plan does NOT include a voter roll.  If you do not possess a current and up to date voter roll, consider having us facilitate purchase of voter data, or upgrading to our Standard Plan which includes the procurement of up to date voter data as well as additional analysis.  Purchase of this plan without a current accurate voter roll will be of little or no benefit.


The Basic Plan includes:

  • Primary Election Voter Identification
  • Optimized list for Facebook Ads
  • District and Precinct level statistical reports


After purchasing this item,  please download and fill out the form so that we can begin analyzing your provided voter data.  Please allow up to 10 business days for processing.  We will reach out to you to coordinate transfer of your voter data file.