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Political Consulting

We specialize in assisting Utah municipal candidates and local elected officials in their campaign efforts.  We recognize that many of these campaigns are primarily self-funded and that every dollar spent is precious.  In the past, we have helped successful candidates to allocate their funds when and where they will reach the most people and do the most good. 

In our experience, candidates that select our Standard or Premier Plans generally save hundreds to thousands of dollars they otherwise would have spent. 

Sample City, UT
Total Population: 40,000

Active Registered Voters

Number of Municipal Voters

Voting Households




Cost to Send 1 Mailer




Potential Savings


We can help you procure voter data, as well as process that data to provide you with a variety of lists and use our proprietary predictive algorithm SELECTORATE  to identify likely voters, provide canvassing lists for volunteers, social media contact lists, as well as help you to access direct mail services with a proven track record of hitting the mailbox the same day as the ballots.  We offer a variety of pre-packaged plans for the budget conscious campaign as well as a number of additional services, including ad hoc analysis on a per bid basis.

Most Popular

Plan Feature
Voter Roll
Basic Plan
Standard Plan
Premier Plan
$25 Credit toward the cost of a complete voter roll *
Primary Election Voter Identification
Facebook Ads List
District and Precinct Level Reports
General Election Voter Identification
District and Precinct Level Dashboard
Canvassing Lists
Interactive Canvassing Map using Google Maps
Voter Ballot Return Tracking **
10% Off additional ad hoc analysis





†  Potential Savings is an approximate value based upon previously realized savings.

* Voter Roll final pricing is dependent upon the number of records requested.

** Not available in all counties

Don't see the service you're interested in?  We offer customized consulting and specialized services on a per bid basis.

For Example:

  • Email Lists

  • Polling Services

  • Phone Number Lists

  • Customized Data Analysis